Benefits Of Eating Banana:

Advantages Of Banana:

Banana is the
healthiest flavored and best selling fruit it also contains a natural chemical
that help to keep the brain happy and fresh.

Bananas are used as
radioactive radiation insecticides because they contain radioactive isotopes.

Eating only two
bananas produces so much energy in a person that he can work continuously for
an hour and a half.

Bananas, like any other potassium-rich
fruit, are also helpful in preventing and getting rid of drugs.

You might be
surprised to hear that bananas and human DNA are 50% similar to each other.

Eating 400 bananas
is not easy for anyone. Even if someone eat so much bananas, he may be die due
to overuse of potassium that banana contains.

Medical benefits and
disadvantages of bananas…! The right time to eat banana…! How many bananas a
person should eat at one time…!

The answers to all
these questions became part of this article.

Banana is the most
consumed fruit in America. American eats banana more passionately than Apple and orange.

Continual use of
bananas relieves fatigue and restores energy immediately by eating banana.

Vitamins and
minerals can be eliminated by eating banana instead of other fruits. The banana contains ingredients that
weaken the cancer pathogen and prevent cancer from occurring.

Banana helps prevent
constipation and relieves fatigue.

Eating bananas keeps
the heart beat normal and protects against stroke attacks. Bananas contain
potassium that controls high blood pressure.

Banana has four
times more protein than apples, two times more carbohydrates and three times
more phosphorus five times more vitamin A and many more vitamins and minerals
than apples.

Bananas are also found in ingredients
that reduce depression as well as increase brain power.

Banana is very
useful for pregnant women It is important for both mother and baby health.

Banana is considered
an important component of the early diet of infants. If fed to children, their health becomes
enviable and safe from diseases.

Banana is a good
fruit as well as a good medicine. It also eliminates vitamin C deficiency in
the body.

Creates new blood, improves the kidneys, improves
liver or removes toxins from the body.

Immediately after eating banana you
should not drink water. Avoid
eating bananas in diabetes.

Banana is very
useful for all households, including children and the elders. The right time to eat bananas is in the

You can eat 2 to 4
bananas at a time. If you eat more than seven bananas, they are very harmful to
your health.

This is because potassium is found in large
quantities in bananas. Eating
more than seven bananas, which increase the amount of potassium in the body, is
highly dangerous.

Excessive use of potassium is not good
for people who have life-threatening kidney problems or under-work.

As I mentioned earlier, the right time to
eat bananas is in the morning or you can eat in the afternoon too. But refrain
from eating bananas at night.

According to a British study, if a woman eats high amounts of potassium before pregnancy, the woman has a higher chance of having a son. Therefore, women who want to be pregnant must eat bananas twice daily before pregnancy.

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